IMMIB Trainings Continue with Polymer Technology and Industrial Applications

Polymer Technology and Industrial Applications

IMMIB’s (Istanbul Minerals & Metals Exporters Association) training and development programs covering more than 100 different subjects are carried out effectively and intensively in order to contribute to IMMIB’s vision on the way of increasing the export potential and performance of its members’ international business activities. Through those intensive programs they aim to provide continuous improvement for both members and society.

In that frame, those programs are performed with the purpose to develop the knowledge and soft skills of IMMIB’s members’ employees. They aim to expand those programs all around Turkey in order to meet members’ training needs as much as possible.

As SAMOZ, in 2017-2018, we will be a part of these training courses so our first training ‘’Polymer Technology and Industrial Applications’’ will be provided by our instructor Banu Gökben on 23.05.2017 at Foreign Trade Complex – Istanbul.

The objective of this training program is to reinforce the knowledge that participants have in various industrial applications and basic knowledge about polymer chemistry.

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