LoVOC® Primers and Adhesives

A LoVOC® primer is any formulation which is used in a pre-treatment process to prepare a low enegy surface for further processing. A LoVOC® adhesive is any formulation which is cured when in contact with two substrates, bonding them together.

LoVOC® products are available for a large variety of substrates, including ; textiles, elastomers, plastics, metals, and films. The LoVOC® range of products can typically be used for increasing the energy and bondability of surfaces, or to add variable funcionality to substrates in order to improve properties such as the dyeability.

The LoVOC® products are supplied ready to use with little to no dilution being required. For spesific applications the LoVOC® can be tailored to provide a bespoke solution to your problem.

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