About Us

SAMOZ is a Chemical and Consulting company with an extensive range of products and exclusive services. Our headquarters is in Istanbul and have been operating in Turkey, Europe, Middle East and Asia – Pacific Regions with our international solution-partners.
Almost 20 years industrial experiences in different segments & regions and our continues search for perfection through innovation enable us to meet with even very spesific needs as much precision as possible.

Our Vision

Becoming a well-known pioneer company that inspires development and change with simplified operations.

Our Mission

To passionately create value through innovative and sustainable solutions with our intimate approach.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is built on value creation and we are always focused on providing our partners innovative and technology-based solutions while maintaing our commitment to safety and sustainability.

Our Core Values

”Passion”, ”Intimacy”, ”Respect”, ”Loyalty”, ”Inspiration”, and ”Competitive Spirit” are our essential elements that embedded in SAMOZ’s genetic code.

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