SAMOZ was awarded with Certificate of Outstanding Achievement once again in Innovation Results Category of InnovaLIG 2018

Our company’s activities have been crowned as taking 56nd place in InovaLIG 2018 – Innovation Results Category which is the Turkey’s first innovation development program organized in collaboration with Turkey Exporters Assembly and international management consulting firm IMP3rove Academy.

In this year’s applications, 1.216 companies from 51 different sectors have been evaluated and those companies had the opportunity to compete based on their innovation abilities and develop innovation cultures on an interactive platform in the following 5 Categories.

  1. Information Strategy
  2. Innovation Organization and Culture
  3. Innovation Cycle
  4. Innovation Resources
  5. Innovation Results

Companies take place in the InovaLIG received innovation reports in both the European and the Turkish standards. Therefore, this program offers a very important opportunity for innovation culture placement in companies’ organizations and day-to-day operations.

In the coming years, aligned with Turkey’s 2023 strategy, SAMOZ aims to convert Turkey’s innovation potential with its champion partners situated in 5 other categories by generating more added value with the right innovation management competencies.

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